A’ La Campagne, the aspiration of small European village in the view of two new-generation enthusiastic travelers fascinated by arts and cultures, is the project to fulfill their dream.

Hence, a rural European village was simulated with a community church, the priest house, villager homes, shops, and a common square at the center of the village.

Moreover, a part of the village is a farm to raise animals and to organically plant vegetables and herbs.


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S-M-L-XL Farm Activities Package

Children will have a chance to feed our animals such as horses, pigs, and goat and to collect eggs from our free range farm. You can stop by at Pettie Marche to buy a package on daily basis. No need to book in advance. Start from 10.00am – 5.00pm.

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Vegggie Farm Workshop

Remember the days when we spent the summer outside in the garden playing with mud and catching bugs. The workshop is designed for kids to understand through all the senses.  To see, to touch, to smell and to taste. Learning starts from preparing a proper soil, seeding, grown veggies & feeding animals.

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Tea Workshop @ Tea Factory

As we always said…we are not the tea expertise but we are tea lover and selector. The workshop allow you to understand background of teas. How to differentiate each types of tea. What are their characteristics? Also you can learn how to blend your own signature tea and take home.

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Hedwig Playground (Free entry)

Adventure the playground space around the natural surrounding. Go out there not only just for fun but both also learning from the activities.  Hedvig playground consists of tree house, Owe tower, net climbing, butterfly, and many play for you and the kids to learn from.

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