A’ La Campagne, the aspiration of small European village in the view of two new-generation enthusiastic travelers fascinated by arts and cultures, is the project to fulfill their dream.

Hence, a rural European village was simulated with a community church, the priest house, villager homes, shops, and a common square at the center of the village.

Moreover, a part of the village is a farm to raise animals and to organically plant vegetables and herbs.


your neighborhood kitchen

Vintage Wedding

A choice of fabulous wedding packages is available to suit your personal style, traditions or culture. A La campagne’s beautiful surroundings both indoor and outdoor, refined dining, large parking area and unique event space will make it an experience to be treasured by you, your family and friends. We can cater from small wedding to a large wedding upto 350 persons.

Pre Wedding Photo

Create your ultimate wedding album with a photo shooting day in vintage style settings, from our glorious Asia-European blended architectures, to a  inspired nostalgic interior area with romantic décor, and our stunning village European garden scene. Enjoy your special photo shooting day package with refreshments, a dining reimbursement and an area for you to use for dressing up & preparation.

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Wedding @ Somtum Villa

Picture yourself having a wedding at the center of the old small European town where you and your loves one get together to cerebrate your best moment in life.  A classic European church, the priest home, and courtyard garden bring you back to a perfect vintage wedding you have dream about.   Lighting display and romantic setting, and enjoyable atmosphere will surely make your wedding a memorable one.

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Wedding @ The Tea Factory

Looking for a perfect vintage wedding?  What’s old is new again with the wedding that capture the glamour of rustic old European Town.  At The Tea Factory & more, we take you back to an old tea plant where you can embrace the ambiance of nostalgic essences.  We decorated the area with antique furniture and accessories from Europe.  Come and share your treasured experience here with the best vintage wedding.

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Wedding in the garden

There’s something so enchanting about an outdoor wedding at A La Campagne: lush greenery, outdoor fountain, abundant daylight and scenic, natural backdrops versatile enough for any theme – the sky’s the limit! Best of all, an out-of-the-ballroom locale creates a romantic and inviting atmosphere, perfect for friendly, intimate ceremonies among your closest family and friends.

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Thai Wedding Package

Traditional Thai wedding ceremony is elegant and romantic.  It includes traditional engagement ceremony, paying respect to the elders, and water pouring session.

Customized wedding arrangement such as Khan Makk procession, and monk blessing ceremony are available upon request.

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Wedding Cerebration Package

Let us help you begin happily ever after with our specially designed packages that take care of every detail for your dream wedding.

Carefully crafted one-of-a-kind vintage wedding and work with our Event Coordinator to ensure that your day is as spectacular as you can imagine.

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